Voluntary exposure to cold.

To fortify and strengthen your immune system,

Taking cold showers on a regular basis, swimming in rivers, in the sea or in mountain lakes is excellent for your health.

Our ancestors already understood this and you probably remember the New Year's sea baths.

The cold acts favorably on the organs by giving them a real boost.

They are better irrigated and transport nutrients through the blood more easily.

It also acts on the brain by bringing an electrical influx, which calms stress and anxiety.

This allows the body to work on its thermoregulation.

The skin regains elasticity and firmness.

Your grandmothers probably advised you to finish with a jet of cold water on the legs for its vitalizing effect on blood circulation by causing vascular contraction, this is also true for the rest of the body.

Beyond these physical aspects, it is a full-fledged yoga practice called Toumo.

It originated in Tibet. I was initiated by a master yogi about ten years ago.

It develops many other dimensions of the human being, far from the mental sphere.

A true connection to oneself. An awakening of the inner fire.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are boosted.

During the YTT I propose an initiation to this practice.

So, don't hesitate any longer and try the experience!